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We have many highly qualified bondsman operating for Adams County Bail Bonds and many of us are family. 

Led by Alec, our team is compassionate and manage all bail bond matters with absolute care and integrity. In order to give the quickest and dependable bail bond assistance, our licensed bondsman are placed strategically all over Adams County, ready to help.

We use the strictest and most proficient account’s receivable experts in the business and that allows ones who need imaginative financing solutions to get their loved ones released quickly. 


Easy, Convenient Service

By making the process as streamlined as possible, by accepting all major credit cards and requiring no collateral on most bonds, our bonding company is able to obtain bail for even those cosigners that are out of state. Offering bail applications online and in person, our process is meant to be as client-friendly as possible.

Alec Spensieri is the lead underwriter of ASAP Bail Bonds. He is an expert bail bonds agent and has been writing bail bonds since 2016. He excels in putting large bail bonds together and getting large bonds approved when other bail bonds agencies can not. His work ethic is unmatched and will do what every it takes to have the bail bonds process go smoothly. Alec has been to nearly half the jails in the State of Colorado and knows each jails systems in and out. He is excellent at explaining how bail bonds works and always takes the time to make sure everyone know what they are signing for by the end of the bail bonds process.  

Carter Spensieri is one of the greatest bail bonds agents in the state of Colorado. His excellent customer service is what all of the clients love about him. He is currently the manger of operation for the entire Northern Colorado region. That includes running the office and managing the many posting agents we have local to post your bonds in record time.  He always like to ensure his  clients that choosing him to post your bail bonds is the best choice you can make when choosing a bail bonds provider. He always tells his clients that he is on your side through out the entire duration of the case not just the “bail out” part like many other bail bonds companies.  

Cole Spensieri is our newest bail bondsman, he is just learning the ropes but already provides fast bail bonds service to the Weld County Jail.