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Adams County Bail Bonds, Colorado

When a friend or family is incarcerated in Adams County, Colorado, it can leave you psychologically, emotionally, and physically exhausted. You might find yourself feeling confused and ill-equipped to make crucial decisions, such as how to pay your loved one’s bail. Our mission is to take the stress and confusion out of the process, helping you navigate all the legal steps in a stress-free and friendly environment. 

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Finish the bail bond application online from your computer, smartphone, or tablet instead of doing it at the jail.

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Jail Fees: There is a $10 fee for each bond in Adams County.

Paperwork/Fingerprints: Paperwork must be done and fingerprints processed prior to the defendant’s release. We at Adams County Bail Bonds are here to help you through what needs to be done.

Release Time: Once all the pre-requisites are met, typical release times are 4-12 hours. 


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The Best Bail Bonds in Adams County Colorado

Most people simply can’t afford to bail out.

Ability to post bail is an important subject in the U.S., with one recent study pointing out that over 50% of people in prison haven’t been convicted of a violation. 

The real issues begin because time doesn’t stop while the person is waiting for his/her court date. These individuals and their families still have needs and work commitments that don’t change. Too often incarceration can ruin one’s personal and professional life, all without a conviction. 

Factors That Influence Bail Bonds in Adams County

The cost of bail bonds can vary widely. Sometimes, judges deny defendants bail altogether.

If your loved one’s bail has not been set yet, you may be curious about what a judge will decide. Several factors influence the judge’s decisions about bail, including:

  • The local bail schedule
  • The nature of the crime
  • The defendant’s criminal history
  • Evidence against the defendant
  • The defendant’s local connections

What is Bail?

Is Bail Right For You?

What Are the Options for 24-Hour Bail Bonds in Adams County?

Has your loved one been arrested in Adams County, Colorado? If so, you should be searching for a reliable bail bonds company.

You should look for a company that offers 24-hour bail bonds service in Adams County. The company should be licensed, and use their knowledge and experience to answer your questions any day of the week at any time of the day or night.

Online Bail Bonds

Paperwork in stressful circumstances is no fun. Our online bail bonds system is speedy, simple, and secure.

Jump the lines and leave the hassle of completing forms at the jail. Instead, finish the application in about 10 minutes using any device.

Easy and Convinient

What you need to know about the Adams County Sheriff’s Department

The Adams County Sheriff’s Detention Facility is located in Brighton; people arrested in Adams County may be processes here.  Our licensed bail bond agents are located nearby, 24-7, ready to post bail and get you or a friend home quickly. 

Adams County Sheriff’s Department

Adams County Sheriff’s Detention Facility

How Bail Bonds Work In Adams County

A defendant must be fully booked and fingerprinted before a bond is accepted. This may take 3-6 hours, and since most bonds need to be submitted before 9:00 pm, we advise posting the bond as early as possible so that there is enough time for everything to get done.

Important Links

Important Phone Numbers

Non-Emergency Help 303-654-1850
Crime Stoppers Anonymous Tips 720-913-7867 (STOP)

Important Terms

Cash Bail – Means the bail is paid in cash, and it will be held until the accused appears in court.

Surety Bond – A bail agent backed by an insurance company pays the amount of the bail if the defendant doesn’t appear for the hearing.

Release on Citation (Cite Out) – A ticket the arresting officer gives to the accused advising them to appear in court for their hearing.

Release on Personal (Own) Recognizance (P.R.) – Release before the hearing without any payment.

Property Bond – A defendant posts valuables to the court instead of money for bail. If the accused doesn’t appear for the hearing the property may be taken.​

Some Types Of Bonds We Service:

Criminal Bail Bonds

While unusual, an office can get an arrest warrant from a judge or magistrate by providing information on a person of interest that establishes probable cause

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Felony Bail Bonds

In the US, there is a general distinction between a felony and a misdemeanor. A felony carries sentencing of more than a year whereas a misdemeanor is sentenced with less than a year.

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Traffic Bail Bonds

Courts can issue warrants for unpaid traffic tickets, and this is the most frequent type of arrest warrant. Tickets are easy to lose track of, and then you’re in the pokey.

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Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

Domestic violence does not just happen between romantic partners. It can mean any crime carried out to torment another person. If your roommate breaks your property to upset you, that can be domestic violence.

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Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

Knowing that you have a warrant lets you arrange for a bond before you get arrested. Then you can turn yourself in knowing that you will get released and not have to face the embarrassment of arrest in front of people you know.

DUI Bail Bonds

Colorado has three classifications of impaired driving:

DUI, or driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or both.
DWAI, or driving while ability impaired with drugs, alcohol or both.
DUI per se., or driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or more.

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Drug paraphernalia Bail Bonds

“Drug paraphernalia”

refers to anything created or changed for the purpose of fabricating, applying, or concealing drugs, often for recreational use.

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Misdemeanor Bail Bonds

Misdemeanors are transgressions that are less critical when compared to other crimes and don’t result in jail time very often. 

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